Prosciutto bruschetta
   (Prosciutto, dried figs, ricotta, arugula, olive oil)
Prawn bruschetta
   (prawns, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil)
Fresh tuna bruschetta
   (fresh Adriatic tuna, mascarpone, arugula, olive oil)

Cold appetisers

Dalmatian prosciutto (10 dg)*
Paški cheese (10 dag)*
Traditional platter (for two)
   (Dalmatian prosciutto, pancetta, Pag cheese, Grana Padano)*
Octopus carpaccio
   (octopus, Grana Padano, olive oil)*
Tuna carpaccio
   (tuna, Grana Padano, arugula, olive oil)*
„Groppo“ delicacies
   (fresh tuna tartare, mussel cream, salted anchovies)*


Groppo thick fish soup*
Poplar mushroom and Zadar truffle cream soup *
Beef soup

Warm appetisers

Black risotto
   (cuttlefish, cuttlefish ink, rice, white wine, grana padano, olive oil)
Seafood risotto
   (seafood, rice, tomato sauce, white wine, garlic, olive oil)
Pljukanci pasta with truffle
   (homemade pljukanci, truffles, white wine, olive oil)
Ravioli in prawn and pesto genovese sauce
   (homemade ravioli, prawn and pesto genovese sauce, white wine, garlic, olive oil)
„Groppo“ Pasta
   (homemade pasta, seashells, white wine, garlic, olive oil)
Tagliatelle with beefsteak and fried arugula
   (tagliatelle, gravy, white wine, grana padano, olive oil)
Gourmet gnocchi
   (homemade gnocchi, veal knuckle, Zadarski truffles
Green pasta
   (homemade pasta, prawns, scampi, stock, cream)

Warm and cold salads

Tuna salad
   (tuna, seasonal salad, grana padano, dressing)*
Octopus salad
   (Octopus, potatoes, garlic, olive oil)*
„Groppo“ salad
   (beefsteak, seasonal salad, arugula, dressing)*
Chicken salad
   (chicken, seasonal salad, grana padano, dressing)*
Caprese salad
   (mozzarela, , tomato, pesto genovese, olive oil)*
Protein salad
   (chicken, curd, pancetta, seasonal salad, seasoned croutons, dressing)

Fish dishes

Grilled Zadar sea bass
   (Zadar sea bass, chard with potatoes)*
Sea bass en papillote
   (Zadar sea bass, maraština white grape sauce, seasonal vegetables)*
Gourmet Zadar John Dory
   (John Dory fillet, Zadar truffles, homemade gnocchi)
Salmon fillet in scampi sauce
   (salmon fillet, scampi sauce, julienne vegetables)*
„Groppo“ platter (for two)
   (white fish, scampi, tuna, grilled calamari, mussels, a side of choice)*
Grilled Adriatic calamari
   (calamari, chard with potatoes)*
Fried Adriatic calamari
   (calamari, French fries, tartar sauce)*
Dalmatian-style tuna
   (Adriatic tuna, chard with potatoes)*

Shellfish and crab

Buzara-style mussels (white sauce)
Buzara-style Grope (white sauce)
Buzara-style scampi
Grilled scampi
Lobster with tagliatelle (200-300 gr)
   (lobster, tagliatelle, scampi sauce, tomato sauce, garlic, olive oil)

Meat dishes

Beefsteak in truffle sauce
   (beefsteak, truffle sauce, white wine, seasonal vegetables)*
Beefsteak on arugula with Grana Padano
   (beefsteak, tagliatelle, arugula, grana padano)
Royal rump steak
   (rump steak, seasonal vegetables)*
Groppo Steak
   (beef, traditional stewed potatoes, seasonal vegetables)*
Chicken fillet with Zadar truffles
   (chicken fillet, vegetables, Zadar truffles, gnocchi)
Lamb shanks in red wine sauce
   (lamb shanks, red wine, rosemary, garlic, potato cream)
Groppo meat platter (for two)
   (beefsteak, rump steak, pork fillet, chicken fillet, grilled vegetables, traditional stewed potatoes)

Vegetarian dishes

Vegan salad
   (seasonal salad, tomato, olives, sprouts, balsamic dressing)*
Pasta tricolore
   (homemade pasta with spicy olives, arugula pesto, cherry tomatoes)
Tagliatelle with seasonal vegetables
   (pasta, seasonal vegetables, citrus fruits pesto)


Homemade bread
Buttered rice
French fries *
Grilled vegetables
Dalmatian-style chard *
First-class olives 100 g *
Celery purée


Cake of the day
Panna cotta

   * = Gluten free Allergens are highlighted